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Nathan Ross

Graphic Designer /  Photographer / Architectural Photographer

Inspire . Innovate . Design

Nathan Ross was born in Westwood, Kansas, in 1993. In 2012, he graduated Shawnee Mission East high school with honors and enrolled into the Collage of Architecture, Planning, and Design at Kansas State University. After three years of studying Architecture, he made the switch into the arts to pursue a career path in commercial, Architectural Photography. He has been studying photography at Kansas State University since 2015. Throughout his studies, Nathan Ross received mentoring from numerous photographers, and architects. First, it was Matt Knox who helped during his time in architecture. Later it was Farshid Assassi who helped the transition into the commercial world of Architectural Photography. 

Artist Statement

I want to enhance regular architectural photographs by adding some extreme contrast variants to add depth into the photographs. I also intend to combine the static nature of architecture with the dynamic movement of clouds, water, and people. This adds another layer of context into the whole story. Long and timed exposures were used to create the effect of time and movement through a space. With the timed exposures, clouds and people may no longer represent any real shape, only the movement created from the timed shots. Water was also used at times to create a floor of ice within the image to represent architecture as frozen in time. 

Many of the Architectural images were put into a  gray scale  of extreme blacks and whites. The intent of the gray scale was to take the viewers eye away from the color of certain parts of the image, and towards the beauty of the buildings structure and design. The strong gray scale of the clouds intensified the effects of the timed shots, to show movement.  Color is used in other images where the relationship of color is far more important than the strong highlights and shadows. Landscapes and nature shots for example.

Long Exposure Photography
A series of photographs showing the static nature of architecture, as compared to the dynamic nature of the world around it.

Interior Photography
A series showing the strong range of values found within an architectural structure. People are used in some of the images to illustrate movement through a space.

Color Photography
A set of images focused on the relationship of different colors within a single composition.