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Nathan C Ross

Designer /  Photographer / Creative

Inspire . Innovate . Design

I began my studies at the prestigious school of architecture at Kansas State University where I studied the 3 dimensional and structural forms of design. This translated into my freelance, photography, work. After my pursuit of architecture, I transformed my passion into an obsession with photography. It began as strictly architectural photography but expanded into the field of outdoor, lifestyle, photography as well.

I graduated Kansas Statue University with a bachelors degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on photography and design. This led me to create Ross Productions where I can continue to focus on my freelance design and photography work.

Artistic Goals

I want to enhance regular architectural photographs by adding some extreme contrast variants to add depth into the photographs. I also intend to combine the static nature of architecture with the dynamic movement of clouds, water, and people. This adds another layer of context into the whole story. Long and timed exposures were used to create the effect of time and movement through a space. With the timed exposures, clouds and people may no longer represent any real shape, only the movement created from the timed shots. Water was also used at times to create a floor of ice within the image to represent architecture as frozen in time. 

I have also created a series on lifestyle images and creative design in order to showcase a companies goals and objectives. Lifestyle photography was used to show people using and interacting with a product in the environment. Ranging all the way from biking to kayaking to skiing. In order to promote some companies, my work has also taken on the form of 3 dimensional design and computer aided renderings. Whatever the media form may be, the goal is the same. To promote a companies ideals.

Architectural Photography
A series of photographs showing the static nature of architecture, as compared to the dynamic nature of the world around it.

Lifestyle Photography
A series of lifestyle images showcasing a companies products being used in the environment around them.

Design Projects 
Design projects completed for numerous clients. These range from graphics and brand designs all the way to 3 dimensional renderings and magazine spreads.